Laundry for less – a DIY Laundry Soap (dry)
October 25, 2017


I stumbled across DIY laundry soap on Pinterest one day. Needless to say, I was surprised how simple it was to make! At first, I made it to save money. My biggest challenge? Finding ZOTE. 🙂 But, Amazon came in handy! Amazon actually sells DIY “kits”. OF COURSE, you need a good ratio of the ingredients.

This “recipe” is tried and true! And you can use it in HE washing machines. Bonus!


Laundry soap – dry/powder

(1) 4lb. 12 oz Borax

(1) 4lb Arm&Hammer Baking soda

(1) 55 oz. box of Super washing soda

(2) bars of Zote (grated into flakes)

(2) small (3.5) containers of oxyclean

Mix all together. Store in tightly sealed containers. You only need 1-3 Tablespoons of the laundry soap per load.


Obviously, this makes a very large batch. This has lasted our family of 3 almost a year! It is a little bit of cost up front – but saves a boat load down the road – plus there isn’t fillers and perfumes that cause so much skin irritation for many people (including yours truly!)